JEET, Inc. Industrial Power Washing
Mission & Philosophy

Quite simply, Jeet Inc. is a company that you should be doing business with.

Jeet was founded in 1993 by Joan Tucker. Our woman-owned company provides environmentally friendly specialized cleaning services to the great Chicago metropolitan area.

Because of our staff’s dedication to quality, a stellar work ethic and accommodating attitudes, Jeet has become a competitive force in the industrial cleaning field.

While Jeet initially provided cleaning service to financial institutions, cleaning vaults, automatic teller machines and drive-up facilities, we are now proud to also service a wide variety of commercial business establishments, such as retail stores, gas stations, restaurants, docks and warehouses.

Our manpower provides turn-key solutions to your needs, including ATM, drive-up, kiosk, pneumatic unit, windows, and night depository cleaning.

We power wash drive-up lanes, sidewalks and parking lots and remove the excess waste water with an environmentally safe recycling and disposal system. We also provide ATM painting, graffiti removal, vault maintenance, which includes cleaning safe deposit boxes, and cleaning of vault doors and other cleaning services.

We protect our customers, Jeet remains in strict compliance with EPA standards for the greater Chicago metropolitan area and continues to research regulations and methods to always better our compliance.  Jeet is proud to own our own recycling system. Oil pick up through our equipment is disposed of through and EPA-certified company.

Do business with Jeet and you’ll see the difference. Our employees are hard-working and conscientious, our offering of services is vast, and we are not just compliant with environmental standards, but always seeking to outdo them.

JEET has been keeping Chicagoland commercial businesses and condominium common areas clean since 1993. Your business will look newer and fresher, attract more customers and clients and keep residents happier when we put our fully trained, dedicated, meticulous staff to work for you.

Whether your business is a financial institution, residential complex, automotive service station, retail store, restaurant, or warehouse, we have the manpower and the commitment to quality and service to get your job done right the very first time.

We’ll seep and powerwash drive-up lanes and parking lots, public restrooms, sidewalks and driveways, remove any oil and chemicals with EPA certified methods, then pick up the waste with our own recycling system, in accordance with municipality ordinance.  Your common areas, store front, warehouse or industrial area will also benefit from the thorough powerwashing we’ll provide. Always updating our methods and equipment, including one of the only water recycling systems in the area, we remain n strict compliance of EPA standards. JEET trucks are equipped to proved all heat, water and electricity.

Remote or on-site ATMs and other machinery are hand cleaned and sanitized. Appropriate signage, fee stickers and other materials are checked and replaced if necessary. We can also provide turnkey operation with M.Lange for relocation, repair or storage of your ATM or other heavy equipment.

Trash is collected and properly disposed. Ground sweepers are used to remove garbage and sweep curbs, even in locations with limited access. Ground scrubbers are used to clean asphalt and concrete, applying heat only when needed.

JEET, Inc.
recently became
a business sponsor for
St. Jude Hospital.

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